new e-Learning blog!

I’ve been an Instructional Design Consultant for the same company for over a year now. I’m becoming pretty passionate about the development of high quality web-based training modules and exploring different ways to make them unique and comprehensive.  I’m passionate enough to start a blog, at least 🙂

There are a few major things that I am interested in learning.  I am starting this blog not so much with the intention to share information, but I believe that a blog is a great place to store data with metadata.  I will be able to find my stuff!  It would definitely be ego-embellishing if others happened upon my blog and found it [insert positive adjective here].

Anyways, my first project on this blog site will be to explore and compile data about tools that make a web-based training module more like a classroom.  What does that even mean?  For me, that means I am looking to make an e-learning environment that the anti-computer user could appreciate – the kind of person that says learning belongs in a classroom and just will not budge.

My brother would not budge with Facebook (FB) for the longest time.  Every time we’d debate, I’d site the responsible ways it was used, and my brother would provide all the time-consuming, negative aspects of the website.  One day, I told him that he could play Scrabble with me, from 600 miles away.  That was a year or so ago, and he’s been slowly growing into using all of FB now.  The next step will be using a smart phone, the enticement being a fantasy football app (along with sports apps, You Tube, etc).  It’s a matter of time.  The biggest hurdle was getting the grudging acceptance in the first place.  The draw was the ability to play a really cool game for free, and there was no other [easy] way to do it.

Goals for the future include figuring out how to break down that initial barrier to get even the most old-school learner to enjoy their e-learning and to even learn something from it.  Wish me luck!


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