Sharepoint Permissions – Challenges to Learning While Doing

As a new SP (SharePoint) developer, I have so much info I’ve crammed into my head to try and create a good design for our department records and functions.  In past experiences, I was a domain admin. 

This morning, I encountered a funny incident.  I just got Infopath and SPD (SharePoint Designer) loaded onto my work comptuer.  I have used SPD in other environments; ironically, I have never used it for SP itself. 

I spent a solid hour or two trying to figure out why I couldn’t get my SP page to load.  I am trying to change the Quick Launch, and I found a great article from Microsoft that covers the changes that I need to make:

This handy getting started article has all the info I need to make the changes I want.  When I couldn’t get the page I wanted to edit to load into SPD, I tried this article:

From here, I realized I should probably bite the bullet and contact IT.  I was really worried that I was asking a noob question (uhhh, how do I open my page in an editor???), so I spent another half hour or so trying to find where I went wrong.  You know, just in case.

Finally, I contacted IT.  Thirty seconds later (we have such a good IT department!), I got the answer.  My permissions are still in process. 

So, I guess the lesson learned this morning is to make sure I know what I’m allowed to do before assuming I can’t do it or can’t figure it out.  The good news is that when everything is set up on the IT side, I will be more than ready for this challenge!


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