Portfolio Blues

The past month has been crazy!  We had no power for eight days, and our cable was out. During that time, I had planned to work on my online portfolio. I figured it would just take a day or two to work out… I have a resume and a bunch of files, after all.  How long could it take?

Who would have guessed that there’d be no power!  That did honestly tack on another 8 days to my portfolio endeavor.  However, here it is, November 23, and I’m still stuck.  We’ve had power for two weeks now.  What gives?

The two big things that I feel are holding me back are:

  1. I do not like and am very uncomfortable with marketing myself
  2. I can’t decide how to set up my portfolio

For years, I have never gotten over the self-esteem, “I am not good enough” hump.  I am aware, which is good, I guess, but I cringe when I think about someone looking at my resume.  I am never sure if I have embellished, so I constantly worry that I am not as good as I can make myself sound.  Because of this, I am always nit-picking everything, to the effect that I never hit the publish or upload button.

One major concern is that in the last 1.5 years, I have built a lot of the same experience, and I have a lot of similar work examples.  I read one good idea of how to demonstrate  instructional design and project management.  It was an article that recommended that I create a case study with a timeline for recent projects, and I think this would be a great way to detail my experience.

But what about my training videos and work samples?  I have great before and after PowerPoints and mounds of Articulate examples, but I don’t have a lot of recent Captivate examples.  I also just recently purchased Flash again, but I haven’t used it since Studio MX  was new.  The new Photoshop is awesome, but no gorgeous, unique 3D imagery is popping into my head.  I thought at first that I could create my portfolio using Captivate, but then I got stuck on how to build it.

I had also read somewhere that just making training courses on random things to show expertise would be a good idea.  I made a list of potential videos and even scripted one or two, but I still don’t have a portfolio where I can show them, so what’s the point of developing them?  Arrrgh!

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to start with my resume and PowerPoint, and maybe a dash of Articulate, if needed – an Engage interactions, perhaps?  I have the web space, I have the base content… I just need the interface.  I’m going to give myself until November 30th to get a working version of my portfolio online and linked to my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.  I will ask for feedback on it, and I will create a schedule that will allow me to track and implement updates to my portfolio to keep it current. Keep your fingers crossed!

Do you have any suggestions on how to build a portfolio?  Do you have one to share?  I am always looking at examples online… share yours!


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