How to View Two PowerPoints Side-by-side (dual or single monitor setup)

I have two monitors at work, and I could not figure out how to view PowerPoints side-by-side, so that I could update items faster.  It was very aggravating, but it was something I hadn’t ever bothered “wasting the time” to find.

Although this tip is best with two monitors, it does work with just one.  This does not give you two independent ribbons.

This morning I decided I would finally figure out one way or the other whether I could ever show PowerPoints next to each other.  After about 10 minutes of playing around and a quick search, I found the answers:

1. Use the Maximize/Restore Down button (it’s the icon next to the X in the top-right corner of any window).  (Note:  if using only one monitor, make sure your screen is Maximized instead)

2. Manually drag the window across both monitors so that PowerPoint spans across both screens.

3. Open both PowerPoints (you can do this with more, but we’re just setting up two).

4. In the “View” ribbon, click the Arrange All button.

Your PowerPoints will be displayed side-by-side.  Like Presenter Mode, you can still view a slideshow on each monitor, but this makes both monitors editable.

I can’t begin to say how much this will help me out!


After rerecording video for a file, I realized I may need to rerecord the audio that goes with it.  In the background of the audio explaining power flow and Kirchhoff’s Law, I could hear birds chirping and cars driving by.  I swear the streets are busiest when I’m recording!

I found a couple articles about ways to make recording more professional sounding in not-so-perfect environments.  I use a pillow in front of the microphone to deaden the noise.  The pillow is usually placed between me and my laptop, about 4 inches away from my headset.  I adjusted the position of the microphone – having it low, under the chin seems to work best for me.  I also have the microphone pointed towards the pillow.  It seems to lessen the “p” sound.

The next steps will be to build a small, portable recording booth that I can put over my laptop.  I found one online called porta-booth.  I looked up their site: It may be worth the money, but I have all the parts to make one of these at home, and I want to save money.

My plan to make one is to use a cardboard box and an old egg crate mattress topper to fill the box with “sound proofing”.  I plan to make one sometime over the next couple of weeks.  I’ll post the results.

I don’t have a good mic, but I do have a couple options.  I would love to get away from using the headset mic.  It’s built-in sound card is only so-so, and I just generally would prefer a better setup.  Guitar Hero came with a utilitarian USB mic, but it’s not too bad overall.