After rerecording video for a file, I realized I may need to rerecord the audio that goes with it.  In the background of the audio explaining power flow and Kirchhoff’s Law, I could hear birds chirping and cars driving by.  I swear the streets are busiest when I’m recording!

I found a couple articles about ways to make recording more professional sounding in not-so-perfect environments.  I use a pillow in front of the microphone to deaden the noise.  The pillow is usually placed between me and my laptop, about 4 inches away from my headset.  I adjusted the position of the microphone – having it low, under the chin seems to work best for me.  I also have the microphone pointed towards the pillow.  It seems to lessen the “p” sound.

The next steps will be to build a small, portable recording booth that I can put over my laptop.  I found one online called porta-booth.  I looked up their site: It may be worth the money, but I have all the parts to make one of these at home, and I want to save money.

My plan to make one is to use a cardboard box and an old egg crate mattress topper to fill the box with “sound proofing”.  I plan to make one sometime over the next couple of weeks.  I’ll post the results.

I don’t have a good mic, but I do have a couple options.  I would love to get away from using the headset mic.  It’s built-in sound card is only so-so, and I just generally would prefer a better setup.  Guitar Hero came with a utilitarian USB mic, but it’s not too bad overall.


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