View Flash on an iPad with iSwifter, a Flash-capable web browser for iOS!!!!

This app is fantastic!  It was able to display a training program I created in Adobe Presenter using Moodle as the LMS. The free version is very limited.  It costs $5 for the full version.  Very cool!

Alas, it does not work for the iPhone.  Post any other alternatives in the comments here.



Drawminos! Using online tools to give your eLearning impact!

For part of a new training program, I was tasked to come up with a graphic that would show the complexity of the wholesale electricity system.  A bunch of analogies were discussed, but it was decided to use the domino run.

Of course, the internet is nearly always the place to go for a creative project like this.  I did spend a little time looking at Rube Goldburg machines ( has a great one!), and then I found Drawminos.  Take a look at my first concoction:

What is cool about this little app is that it can help make a really cool dominos run, and I can use Camtasia to capture the Flash animation when it is complete.  If I want to show how a system relies on all of the pieces, so if one part is not working right (i.e. if a domino is missing or out-of-place), the whole system could fail.  It also could capture the complexity of a system that works well.

I don’t know if this little program will make it into our training for June, but it was certainly fun to see what was out there to help make a creative learning program with little time commitment or technical expertise!  What fun programs do you use?