Drawminos! Using online tools to give your eLearning impact!

For part of a new training program, I was tasked to come up with a graphic that would show the complexity of the wholesale electricity system.  A bunch of analogies were discussed, but it was decided to use the domino run.

Of course, the internet is nearly always the place to go for a creative project like this.  I did spend a little time looking at Rube Goldburg machines (pbskids.org has a great one!), and then I found Drawminos.  Take a look at my first concoction:


What is cool about this little app is that it can help make a really cool dominos run, and I can use Camtasia to capture the Flash animation when it is complete.  If I want to show how a system relies on all of the pieces, so if one part is not working right (i.e. if a domino is missing or out-of-place), the whole system could fail.  It also could capture the complexity of a system that works well.

I don’t know if this little program will make it into our training for June, but it was certainly fun to see what was out there to help make a creative learning program with little time commitment or technical expertise!  What fun programs do you use?


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