What makes a good training program? ZOMBIES!

The FEMA emergency preparedness post on their blog site was priceless.  If you have not already done so, you really should check it out:


A link from the blog brought me into more zombie goodness, including a cute little comic book created by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), which contains an emergency checklist at the end:  http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies_novella.htm

After reading lots of comments, it was surprising to see many unfavorable comments left on the page.  Some people saw the post as a waste of time.  I thought it was pretty genius.

I found the FEMA blog through an old friend on Facebook.  He and I have share an interest in the band Tool and zombie or horror references.  He a zombie running app, which is a  gamification tool that motivates his runs.  He posted the FEMA blog with some funny comment.  I had to check it out and read the entire article about emergency preparedness.  It was great information, but I assure you, I would have never read it if not for the zombie connection. When I showed my husband, he’d already seen it (a lot) – it’s been going crazy online.

In my opinion, this was a great example of training.  I read an article that I would not have ever sought out on my own, and it provided good emergency information to me that I may not have gotten otherwise.  Of course, I’m blogging about the style, not the content, but what’s important is that I’ve read and shared it.  FEMA didn’t even make a viral video – using pop culture, FEMA made a viral blog post… FEMA!  Think about it:

  • How many emergency preparedness articles have you read?
  • How many emergency articles have you shared with family?
  • How many emergency articles have you shared on Facebook?
    • Of those articles, how many friends decided to share your post?
    • Of those articles, how many people commented or “liked” them?
    • Of those articles, how many people wrote a blog post about the article?

It makes me wonder if I can add zombies to my training programs… maybe not 😀


2 thoughts on “What makes a good training program? ZOMBIES!

  1. Sure you can! Hey Check out the MSU zombie course trailer. I’m the lead instructional designer on it. This is our third year offering the course. Let me know if you’re interested in throwing around ideas! zombie.msu.edu

    • Thanks for your comments! Your SW290 course looks amazing. I love that the course fully incorporates zombies into a course on human behavior. Not only that, but the single page I viewed (with video) made me wantto take the course. That’s a huge feat – I’m a nerd first and foremost, so zombies made me desire learning a topic I would not normally be interested taking. When I mentioned this comment to a coworker, he mentioned to me that one of his favorite, for-credit, operator training program was based on aliens attacking. I love techniques that make people enjoy learning. Great job, and thanks so much for sharing!

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