It Took a Meteor Shower to See a Good Training Technique

One of my Facebook friends recently posted this NASA article about the meteor shower over the next three days (Aug 11-13, 2012):

The meteor shower sounds very cool, but I noticed something else, too.  The design of the article could be used in one of my training projects… and it’s simple but neat.

Linked in the article is a YouTube video of the written article.  I read the article first, and then I clicked on the video for it.  I recognized the article was the narrative of the video after just a few moments. The video was really good, too. It’s about 3.25 minutes and is interesting and well done.

Here are the things I love about this style:

  • It’s printable.
  • It gives a user options for their experience  (Do I want to read or watch the video?).
  • It is multi-sensory – audio and video combined made a comprehensive experience.
  • It’s simple to design and build – for the most part, at least 🙂
  • It reduces a lot of the technical risk associated with eLearning. It’s simply HTML.
  • It’s already mobile-ready!

It could be disappointing to read the article first and then click on the video – only to find out it’s nothing different than what you just read. I really didn’t mind, but it did make me think about it. If I use a style like this for some parts of my training program, I would probably add a note to the top of the page, indicating what to expect. Would it matter to you?


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