Copy and Paste an entire File Path (with file name!) in windows 7

I constantly use file linking in my job. I don’t just mean adding hyperlinks to the internet. Often I find myself using links to files on my local computer or to a shared drive on my workplace network.

Recently I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro, and I discovered a new option for copy/pasting a link – the ability to copy the file name, including the file path.

Here are the steps to easily copy and paste an entire file path using Windows 7 Pro, as well as a short video which show the steps.

  1. Find and select the file (do not open) that you would like to copy the path
  2. While holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, right-click the file (and then release the Shift key
  3. Select Copy as Path from the menu

The major downside to doing this is that this copy/paste adds quotes to the beginning and end of the file path and file name, which need to be removed before pasting the link into any window – whether an Explorer Window or a browser window like IE.

If you have ever had to deal with creating a link to a file like a word document or a spreadsheet, it can be a nightmare. In XP, the file path had to be copied first, and then the file name. It was a multi-step process for a simple link!

Even with the quotation limitation, this is a great time saver for me. I hope it helps you out!


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