Important Bookmarks Getting Lost? Easily save a URL to your desktop

I am a bookmark hoarder with the best intentions. Each time I see something very interesting on the Internet, I feel it must be saved, and I know that I’ll go back to it later.

The reality is that I spend close to 10 hours or more on the computer each day, and most of that time is spent searching, researching, or surfing randomly. If I were to try to view all of my bookmarks, it would probably take me 20 hours per day, and they’d likely keep piling on as I look through everything.

There are many ways of organizing bookmarks and completing projects that will help you focus on specific groups of bookmarks. I am not explaining any of this. Instead, I’m going to show you how you can store super-important bookmarks on your desktop or in any other folder on your computer.

It’s the simplest thing you will learn today. Simply:

  1. Open the page to save. It does not matter which browser you use.
  2. Ensure you can see the address and the location you want your shortcut.
  3. Highlight the address of the website where you want to save a link.
  4. Click and drag the address to your desktop

The weirdest thing is making sure you can see your desktop or another folder. I have two monitors, so it is very easy for me to do. If you have only one monitor, make sure your web browser is not maximized – that is, make sure the browser is only filling a portion of your screen.


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