Captivate 8 drag/drop caution: Event and Multi-slide Synchronized Videos have different properties

I recently took HTML5 Basics, a one-day virtual course taught by Joe Ganci. In his class, Joe demonstrated how to add a video to a project using the ribbon in Captivate 8. His video appeared on the slide, and he had player control options and other properties he could change on his video.

Event Video

Event Video with player controls

I repeated Joe’s steps, but since I am accustomed to importing to the library first, I imported (the same video Joe used) and dragged it onto the slide. It seemed like such a harmless deviation from his steps. I was wrong. My video did not have any controls on it. Where did they go? Both appeared in the Library. I was confused. Quickly, I backtracked and performed the exact steps Joe performed, and by inserting a video from the Media button on the ribbon worked (It is the same as Video > Insert Video or Ctrl+Alt+V). After the class, I dug around a bit to figure out what happened.

The Adobe help site has a simple write-up for the differences between an event video versus a multi-slide synchronized video, and it helped me understand what was happening.

Here’s the long and short of what I learned:
DO NOT USE DRAG AND DROP TO INSERT VIDEOS FROM YOUR LIBRARY ONTO A CAPTIVATE 8 SLIDE. Sure, it will work for multi-slide synchronized videos, but it creates problems in the long run. I’ve even been able to crash Captivate using the drag & drop method.

Here are the two tried and true options to use. Do not bother importing your videos first! Even if you import your video into Captivate first, you must still choose the location of the video on your computer from these steps.

Option 1: Use the video menu or its keyboard shortcut

  1. Click Video > Insert Video. You can also press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+V
  2. Select either the Event Video or Multi-Slide Synchronized Video radio button at the top.

Option 2: Use the Media button on the Ribbon     event versus multislide media button

  1. Click the Media button on the ribbon.
  2. Select Video from the drop-down options

Below are the options that you can set. The options provided in the Insert Video window will change depending on which radio button you select.
event versus multislide options




Are you not sure which option to use? Try using this chart to determine which type of video you need.event versus multislide








Now that you know which video type you need, here are links to Adobe help to get you started on the many options available.


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